Perchè l’Italiano?

Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita.
Federico Fellini


Why Italian?

Lists are really popular nowadays. Maybe people have little time and it’s important to choose well what activity undertake in order to spend time in a useful and entertaining way. I like lists. This is why as a first post on this blog I’ll make my personal list of reasons why you should learn my language.

  • Learn languages changes your mind.
    Whatever the language is, learning something new is always a healty challenge for the mind and for the spirit. Learning languages in particular shapes your mind in a different way and force you to get in contact with different worlds. It is a great challenge, no doubt. But when the wall of communication is climbed over the satisfaction will be so big that speaking the language will be easier and easier.
  • Italy is a great country to visit. And I’m not saying this because I’m actually Italian. Italy is a table rich of colorful fruit and tasty food, metaphorically and phisically speaking. Do you like history? You won’t believe your eyes when you will see History carved in a column of Rome or in a church located in what seems a isolated and anonimous village in the countryside. You like food? Sure you will leave the country with a couple (if you are lucky) of kilograms more. Do you like nature? There are actually plenty of parks, rivers, mountains to visit and breathtaking landscapes to see.
  • Gelato
    I’ve had some amazing ice-creams in my life. Almost all of them have been eaten in Italy. On a sunny hot day, having an ice-cream while walking in narrow streets and ancient squares is one of the best things in life. My flavors: dark chocolate and yogurt.
  • Food
    In 2017 almost everybody has tasted at least once in life Italian food. What always surprise me is the variety of dishes and D.O.C products that is possible to find in Italy. Move just 20 km and you will find some regional dish or variation that are peculiar and original and belong to the place where they have been created, they are part of the culture and the history of a place. Let’s look at famous names to give an example: prosciutto di Parma, aceto balsamico di Modena, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Barbera d’Asti.
  • Italian Cinema
    Like every artistic creation that involves language and communication also Italian cinema can be appreciated to its fully potential only with an access to the language itself. And Italian cinema is much more than “La dolce vita” or “La vita è bella”. There is much more to discover and appreciate in front of a good glass of wine.
  • Italian literature
    We are not here just talking about Dante. Of course Dante is still the “maestro”, but the list of Italian authors is long and varied. The knowledge of a language gives the key to enter in a new world, made out of stories, jokes, romances, drama.

Impara con il podcast

Trovi qui le trascrizioni, episodi extra e contenuti per praticare vocabolario e grammatica. Impara in modo efficace, divertente e interessante!
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Ciao, sono Linda

Questo è lo spazio dove
condivido consigli e curiosità
sulla lingua e la cultura italiana.

Adoro parlare di libri, letteratura
e cinema, ma anche di tradizione
e storia. Adoro passeggiare nella natura e viaggiare. Amo leggere con un tè in mano in compagnia del mio cane e amico, Elvis.

Vorresti leggere di un argomento
particolare? Entra in contatto
con me! Sono sempre contenta
di ricevere consigli, commenti e

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